Yurippe Nakamura

Angel Beats! became one of my top 10 favorite anime very quickly. Yuri is basically anime version of Lucca from Chrono Trigger so I really loved her. She even has the same snarky know-it-all laugh! But also cares so much about her friends😭 I saw @celsius was selling her cosplay made by Heine Props so I grabbed it 😍 But I sadly didn't wear this anywhere before ultimately just selling it (school uniforms are like, actually the Worst, I realized how much I hate them in the long run). In order for me to get that nice shade of purple-red that I wanted for her hair, I got a purple wig and sprayed it with red TintIT! It works so well on wigs.

"I have to accept my one shot at life no matter how cruel or merciless or unfair I thought it was."

Angel Beats!
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