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I’m ZelMo (she/they)! You can also call me Mo, Momo, Zelda, and Zel. I’ve been a cosplayer since 2006, mainly from JRPGs. I’ve been an artist most of my life, and I’m a professional graphic designer. I am also ace-spec and Lebanese American, residing in Western/Upstate New York.

My favorite series include: Chrono Trigger, NieR & Drakengard, .hack, Final Fantasy, Xenogears/saga, Zero Escape, and Legend of Zelda (should be a no brainer – that’s where my name came from!).

I created this website as an all-encompassing place to put my endeavors under my ZeldaMOMOe pseudonym. This includes my cosplay, modeling, Twitch streaming and all other content creation. I also do graphic design commissions for voice actors and content creators through word of mouth.

I don’t have any specific “gimmick” or what-not when it comes to my cosplay, content creation or otherwise. I cosplay, wear, stream, and make what I like. It’s as simple as that! I do tend to enjoy some of the more esoteric titles more than mainstream ones, and usually cosplay more “lesser-known” characters. I’m also a big fan of Jessica Nigri’s saying that as long as it looks good in photos, that’s all that matters!

Panels I’ve Done
• Modifying Existing Items for Cosplay
• Cosplay & Social Media

Panels I’d Love to Do
• Twitch Streaming for Beginners
• Photo Editing 101
• The Strange Mind of Yoko Taro
• What Makes Time Travel Media SO GOOD?

Content Creation Skillset
• Adobe Creative Suite
• Graphic Design
• Social Media
• Twitch Streaming
• Modifying Existing Items & Clothing
• Painting & Crafting
• Wig Styling
• Modeling
• Public Speaking

Cosplay Contest Judging
2022: UBCon
2019: Kisetsucon (also staff)
• 2018: FC3
• 2017: KaminariCon, UBCon, FC3,
RetroGameCon, RIT Cosplay Snow Fest
• 2016: KaminariCon, UBCon, RetroGameCon

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    About Me

    ZelMo・she/they・30s・Lebanese・graphic designer・cosplayer since ’06


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