I didn't really like FF9 growing up, but I re-played it on stream in early 2021 and had a great time! I love Vivi the most, so I got a scarecrow hat from Spirit & altered it to look more like Vivi's, which was the start of this cosplay. Then, @sevendeadlystreamers generously bought this blue coat on bezosmart from my wishlist for me to mod. At the end of 2021, I got this full black face mask, cut holes for the eyes, & made eyes out of mascot costume mesh that I painted yellow. I glued them on, & that was it from me for another 2 years...🤣 In December 2023, I finally modified the coat, made the coat tails & belt, got pants & painted the stripes a bit more teal, got gloves, & made the staff (out of a base toy staff, covered with foam clay & painted).

Final Fantasy IX
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    ZelMo・she/they・30s・Lebanese・graphic designer・cosplayer since ’06


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