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Skyward Sword Zelda is my absolute favorite Zelda! I love her spunky attitude, that she's more of a "girl next door" type personality, and her relationship with Link that they were childhood friends. I wish she got more time in the game and thankfully the remaster fixed a LOT of that game's gameplay problems so I could finally beat it (the Silent Realms and the required loftwing minigame really messed me up when I first played it on the Wii LOL). I got this costume pre-made on ebay, but it needed to get fixed a lot. The bag was too big so I had to pin it smaller, the brown belt needed altering, and I had to completely remake the circular buckle and coin belt. The collar of the dress needed to be painted gold to be more accurate, and I got a blue gem on Etsy since it was just a vinyl applique. I accidentally stained part of the dress near my right boob with super glue from adhering the gem, so I have to edit it out of every photo that you can see it😭 I had to paint over the loftwing design on the cape to make it more accurate too, it was sooo bad. And I made the bracelets out of EVA foam, and styled an Arda wig. I had to make little long pillows so that the hair pieces stayed put while wrapping them in the ribbon. I sewed it all together and just hope it won't come undone until I'm able to shoot with a SS Link! Goddess Harp kit from Dangerous Ladies.

Zelda: Skyward Sword
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