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Ahsoka swiftly became my favorite Star Wars character when I watched Clone Wars & Rebels back in 2016-2017. I like her Rebels outfit the best, but confidence was a huge factor in putting this off, especially because facepaint, no matter how "safe" or "sensitive skin friendly," is still a struggle with all my skin issues (adult cystic acne, eczema, hirsutism to just name a few) 😅 Not to mention the Star Wars fandom is RUTHLESS when it comes to accuracy, god damn. This pre-made cosplay is from CosSky & heavily modified with paint and foam by me. I had to stuff the headdress a bit more as well. And I'm very proud of my engineering with stockings so that I only have to paint my face and neck (I use stockings as a fake "jacket" for the shoulders, and used the feet parts of the stockings to make gloves (Thanks to Rabbit in the Moon for the tip!) I use Diamond FX bodypaint, and the 3D printed lightsaber hilts were modeled by CaseStudyno8, printed by Waking Nightmare. I also have official Disney toy sabers in case they're needed, but they're a bit too big for my tiny hands.

Star Wars Rebels
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