Prince of Facade

Besides Emil, Sechs, better known as the Prince, and then King, of Facade was one of my dream NieR costumes. I always resonate a lot with the Middle Eastern coded characters, since I'm Middle Eastern myself. I loved how goofy he was, his tragic story with Fyra, how the novellas gave him even more lore that I didn't know about just from the game when I first played it in 2015... he's just so good 🥺 I made the mask and styled the wig in 2021 when the remaster came out, because I wanted to have a bunch of different outfits to wear when I streamed it to show my love for the game. But it took me a while to gather the motivation to make the actual costume so I didn't get those done until the summer of 2022, and I did it VERY slowly in the summer heat. The collar pieces were done first, out of cotton fabric with foam interfacing in the top piece, then I made each panel with foam and then covered them with fabric. I had to back to JoAnn's to get more fabric too because I ran out lmao. The "coins" are actually just confetti glued to the fabric. And of course the bells are at the bottom of the cape and panels for his lil jingles!

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