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I think it was 4th grade that my best friends and I dressed up as the Sanderson sisters for Halloween. I made the book and everything. But I distinctly remember having a horrible tantrum due to the fake eyelashes and nails I wanted to wear, and we don't even have photos - the one Halloween I can't find any from! I do remember that I was Mary, and always will be Mary, silly faces and all 😂 Plus, Kathy Najimy is Lebanese like me! I wanted to do her justice after failing to do so in elementary school XD The wig and costume are from Spirit Halloween, but I had to add the plaid fabric to the skirt, as well as add some more accurate fabric for the apron. I'm so happy to have had my dream Hocus Pocus trio finally, with MagicalAni and ShrubbyPrincess (also even had WakingNightmare as Billy, which was a surprise he and Ani kept until the day of the shoot lmao!)

"Come on. Gimme a smile." 😈

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