Lyon from Suikoden V has been a super dream cosplay of mine since I was in high school! I was so emotional cosplaying her with other Suikoden V fans FINALLY! Bought the costume online pre-made but it need a LOT of altering! It was baggy so I took the jacket and torso "armor" in with safety pins. Had to upgrade the ribbon to be a more accurate color and I added the beads. Made a way more accurate belt with butt bow, out of cheap muslin with floral wire inside. Boot armor made with craft foam. Wig is an Arda Wigs Katinka with extra wefts for the back hair loopies. The back hair loopies were made of wire sandwiched in craft foam with the wefts glued on top of it. I bent them into shape and the red "hair scrunchies" are just craft foam. The front hair tufts' "ribbon" are worbla that I painted red. The sword was bought on Amazon and modified to be more accurate by me with craft foam and paint!

Suikoden V
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