Everyone pegged me as a Kid girl, but I hate to admit to people that I loved Leena! I am a sucker for the "girl next door" type, her orange outfit of course since that's my favorite color, and I for one would love to smack the bad guys with a frying pan LMAO. Terranell/Alter Ego Creative helped make the orange dress for me, and also helped with the wig styling. This is the same wig I used for my "swimsuit/beach" outfit for Leena back in 2016. She made the front ribbons look infinitely better! Komodo scale necklace is from MiraCrafts on Etsy. Everything else was made or modified by me. Oh and the frying pan prop is actually the Fortnite one; I think I got it on ebay? And I just added a piece of craft foam to the base to cover the logo!

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