Lady One

I was worried I wouldn't like any of the Intoners because let's face it, they're all insane. But as I went through the story, Lady One's backstory intrigued me so much. Not to mention the whole Brother One stuff and him creating the Cult of the Watchers, leading to Drakengard 1! I am obsessed with that lore XD My One base costume was ordered online. I did all the armor, detailing, boot modifying, and leg warmer tightening. My chakram was made by Kingz Court and I did the engineering to hook to the back of my capelet like she has in the concept art and game. I had a full Intoner group in 2018 and got most of the group's the props together, painted Rabbit's Five armor, and collaborated with Harv (our Lady Two) to make ZeyliaWing's Lady Zero costume.

"It's been a long time, Zero."

Drakengard 3
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