FFX Rikku

Final Fantasy X has always been my favorite Final Fantasy since I played it as a kid! I always wanted to cosplay Rikku since her outfit is orange and that's my favorite color. And she's peppy like I usually am as well. I kept putting it off due to having her X-2 outfits more readily available/accessible for me to make. I got the shorts, boots and top third-handed. Everything else was made or bought & modified! Wig from cosplaymagic.com. In 2020, I made a Wakka costume for my partner Raph. WE ARE SO ORANGE XD It's REAL hard to balance my Middle Eastern skin tone & his Filipino skin tone with the orange hues in the costume, so I may look a little more white than I actually am in some older photos due to that. I've learned since then how to not let that happen 🙈

"Here, this'll pick you up!"

Final Fantasy X
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