Sumeru instantly became my favorite region in Genshin when it was added in 2022. I don’t know if I’m biased because I’m Arab, but the VIBES are just IMMACULATE. Candace showed up and I immediately started planning to cosplay her because of the Egypt aesthetic. I am ✨OBSESSED✨ The cosplay and wig are from dokidokicosplay. Not much needed to be altered except the bracelet (not pictured since I didn’t even put on the one that came with the costume for these pics lmao). I also got a swimsuit with the same color scheme on bezosmart. The shield is from a shop from AliExpress that I won’t name because it BROKE in transit and I had to remake half of it and put it back together 💀 I made the Phoenix Spear from Nier out of a gold prop spear off bezosmart, and I sculpted the blade, phoenix and bottom point out of foam.

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