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👑💪 I'm so happy to be able to be another badass Gerudo lady from the Zelda series! I love them so much especially cuz I'm Arab and they share similar appearances with Middle Eastern people! So glad they came back in BotW🙏😭 I got the base costume from csddlink, but had to fix a LOT of it especially the gold pieces - I had to make them from scratch out of foam. Sand Seal plush from MADEnt on Etsy. Wig & crown built by PhasedRose; I'm planning to send the wig back to her to style into her TotK hair, once I'm able to play it and work on the upgrades for that version of her outfit. Until then, I will keep it as Active.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild
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    ZelMo・she/they・30s・Lebanese・graphic designer・cosplayer since ’06


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