I made version 1 of BlackRose from .hack in 2015! It was my first big armor build and a lot of it was made with ill-fitting worbla covered pieces and too-thick EVA foam 😂 Since this was my number 1 dream costume though I held onto it for a while until I remade it in 2020 with better skills (you can easily tell the difference between the versions; original at the bottom of the gallery). I also designed the tattoos in Illustrator for my 2020 version and printed them on tattoo paper so I didn't have to paint on myself like in the past xD Sword was built with help from my brother-in-law and I paper machéd on top of it.

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2015, 2020

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    ZelMo・she/they・30s・Lebanese・graphic designer・cosplayer since ’06


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