Berserker Rikku

This was my ULTIMATE dream Rikku cosplay. I had this in progress since 2020 and the pandemic really put a damper on my cosplay making, especially ones that are mostly from scratch like this one. Finally I received the motivation to get her done in 2022 and I am so proud of myself. This is all heavily modified bezosmart items, armor made from scratch out of foam, orange & blue fur from ModernPelage on Etsy (rip, I miss them). I also decided to go the painted-stockings route for the leg tattoos, because needing to stencil that to draw on my legs every time I wear this sounds like an absolute nightmare when this is already a LOT to wear xD (You wouldn't think it though since my stomach is so exposed but it's HOT because of the fur!). My next big dream for this costume is to shoot with a Berserker Paine and Yuna! 😭

"Bite me. Oh, better yet… let ME bite YOU!"😈

Final Fantasy X-2
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