Asahina Aoi

If there's a Danganronpa character who's most like "me," or like me in high school, Asahina is definitely it. Just switch swimming with tennis! I absolutely adored her; she deserves the world. I got the costume pre-made on ebay, but styled the wig myself. I used a base and a ponytail clip. I stuck wire in the ponytail clip as I styled it so that it stays doing that weird duck bill thing. It's so ridiculous lol. It's very heavy, so there's a headband in it and the ponytail clip is connected to it to stay in place. I did a small swimsuit shoot as well with Ani when we were staying at a hotel together. I really want to shoot with a Sakura at some point so I'm holding onto this cosplay for now until that happens, hopefully 😭

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