Ever since my friend Cee (CinnamonNeutrality) told me Skies of Arcadia was their favorite game when we met around 2015 or so, I was googling photos and *knew* I'd love Aika. Flash forward to 2023 where they helped me play it for my first time on stream! I got the costume done for the finale stream and it was so much fun. The dress base was from CosplayFu and modified by me. Everything else was made/modified by me as well because everything else was so badly made XD I'm especially proud of this dang wig. It's built on top of a headband with wire extending down, and the braids surround the extended wire. My boomerang prop is made out of insulation foam, topped with cheesecloth & wallpaper paste for durability, then craft foam on top.

"Fire consume my enemies! LAMBDA BURST!"

Skies of Arcadia
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